The Catalyst Group has developed a process that works. Our investment strategy aims to generate returns for our partners over long periods of time.


We structure each transaction and related incentives in an individual, creative and deliberate way that drives favorable outcomes for all stakeholders, especially those parties responsible for delivering performance. We believe success is achieved only when each of the partners achieves their respective goals.



We identify strong, well-managed companies that can serve as platforms for growth in key industries. Working jointly with the management team, we partner with companies to design, develop and execute long-term acquisition and growth strategies that fit and support the platform.



The Catalyst Group is much more than an investor. We provide a strategic advisory role in all of our investments, bringing a balanced, informed and thoughtful outside perspective with an operational focus to guide company management in all aspects of the business. We are fully invested — financially, professionally and personally — in the comprehensive success of your business.



Over 75 percent of TCG’s past transactions were privately negotiated. Rather than relying on auction participation, we’ve built success by utilizing our connected network of trusted corporate executives, commercial bankers, accountants, attorneys and direct industry contacts for access to proprietary and unique opportunities. Our partnerships throughout the years have benefited sellers, managers and owner operators by creating a win-win partnership.

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