An Investment Firm that provides Partnership Capital for growth, ownership transition and restart opportunities

We treat each investment as if we founded it, honoring and preserving the legacy of every Company

Building Long-Term Partnerships

Unlike private equity firms, we don’t think in 3-5 year time horizons.  We focus on long-term strategic objectives and approach our partnerships in the following manner:

  1. We assess the business opportunity and collaboratively develop a long-term strategic plan with existing owners/management.
  2. We employ long-term management incentives to align interests.
  3. We use debt financing for working capital and long-term asset purchases, not as a tool to leverage returns.  
  4. We have an operational focus on systems, processes and procedures to support growth initiatives.  We strive to be best-in-class in all areas of operations.  
  5. We seek out technological solutions for our companies to improve their competitive advantage.  

"We are driven to help companies achieve their long-term potential, and we have 30 years of results to prove it."

- Ron Nixon, Founder

Our Services

Operations Strategy for Capital Raising and Capital Structure

We are deeply involved with our management team partners in developing strategic plans, revenue growth opportunities, defining and measuring business metrics, outsourcing, and identifying areas of improvement to become "Best in Class" in all aspects of the business.  

Addressing Your Challenges

As a business owner, there are a variety of challenges that keep you up at night.  The Catalyst Group has the experience and expertise to help you address these concerns while taking performance to the next level.

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Operations Strategy for Capital Raising and Capital Structure

We have 30 years of experience adding value


We are experienced engineers, financial experts, corporate strategists and recognized business leaders with diverse backgrounds.  We have built our success around combining experience with great management teams.