The Firm

  • At the Catalyst Group, we believe long-term partnerships with business owners, entrepreneurs and employees produce the greatest outcomes.  We are more than capital providers.  We work closely with management teams to develop and execute strategic plans which drive operational excellence and improve financial outcomes for all stakeholders.  The firm has the flexibility in its approach and structure for each company’s specific needs.   
  • We believe that performance should be driven by operational growth, not financial engineering, and we do not operate under limited time horizons but instead develop thoughtful strategic plans that generate long-term value for the company.  
  • Over our nearly 30-year history, we have funded more than 100 companies and have established a reputation built on trust.  We employ a win-win transaction thought process which allows logic to prevail, guided by integrity and decades of experience. 
  • Leveraging the broad expertise of our investment team, we bring a unique approach by teaming up with companies in health care, distribution, manufacturing, energy, and many other industries. We are located in Texas with offices in Houston and Austin and invest in businesses throughout the United States.

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