BLM Support Resources Within our Local Communities

June 10th, 2020

As a way to become an ally with the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve compiled a list of black owned businesses in both the Houston and Austin area that you can support.


Here are a few black owned restaurants in Austin TX: 

  • Baby Greens

  • Big Easy Bar and Grill

  • Country Boyz Fixins

  • Down South Texas BBQ

  • Hoover’s Cooking

  • The Rolling Rooster

For a more comprehensive list click here 


Here are a few black owned restaurants in Houston TX: 

  • Craft Burger

  • Korny Vibes

  • Neyow's Creole Cafe

  • The French Fry House

  • Crumbville Texas

  • 210 Fusion Cuisine 

For more than 50 different options click here 


For an extensive list on black owned businesses in retail, hair/beauty and service providers in Austin TX: click here

For a colossal directory on black owned businesses in Houston TX: click here

You can also donate to local nonprofits and community organizations that help to fight injustice on a local level. Some organizations in Houston include: The Houston branch of the NAACP, Black Lives Matter Houston and Restoring Justice. Some organizations in Austin include: Austin Area Urban League, Six Square and Austin Justice Coalition.

Support also comes in the form of signing petitions that can help institute change. There are a ton of petitions you can find on that take very little of your time to sign but can push a petition that much closer to its goal. 

Lastly, educate yourself, friends and family on the importance of the BLM movement. There are a ton of books, movies and scholarly articles you can find that talk about racism and an unconscious bias. Help to start a conversation that can spark change, even within yourself.